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Humonculous Quest

On the Lam!

Captain Marcus positions to attack Tobias; the necromancer chases Kendry.


Julian returns from the north. Podo, Airin, and Tobias have started to make a break for it. But the skeletal captain of the guard is chasing (and slashing) Tobias! Meanwhile, 500-plus feet to the south, the necromancer chases Kendry and blasts him with a magic missile.

Go Speed Racers!

The party in flight! But will they all escape?


Julian is away safely. The necromancer is chasing Kendry south. The escape route looks open for our heroes ... but what about poor Kendry? Muahaha!

On the Run

The Diversion Team is put to flight or worse. Those inside are trying to escape.

Arrr! It be confusin'!

Kendry backs off, Julian gets lucky, and those within do not know that a surprise awaits!

Fire & Mist!

Inside, the party dithers, but outside, the party is just heating up!

Danger In and Out!

The Stealth Team in inside the necromancer's cave and has barred the door. The necromancer, Flavius, is mad about that, but he cannot get back in, yet. Behind him, skeletons stand ready to grab any who try to leave. Flavius is also feeling stymied by the Silence spell that Bard Kendry has cast into the cave mouth.


The Stealth Team sneaks closer. Airin ("A") clings to the bluff space, near the skeleton, above the cave mouth, hiding as best she can behind an outcrop. The Diversion Team steps forward. The skeleton (marked "S" on the map) calls out a challenge.

Sneaking Closer

The party has split up. The Stealth Team (ST) of five halflings and an invisible hobgoblin have snuck closed to the cave entrance. The Diversion Team (DT) of two halflings, ten hobgoblins, two dire wolves and a couple mounts/animal friends have circled around to the other side.

General Location

It is about 1,000 feet from the party to the cave. The last 500 feet is gravel, dirt, and sand in a lifeless zone. A giant armored skeleton holding a big two-handed sword stands at the cave mouth. Other skeletons may lurk just under the sands.

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