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cover image of Cayzle's Little Splat Book of Prestige & Class
Click above to download the FREE PDF of new prestige class rules for the Pathfinder flavor of Dungeons and Dragons!
Well, okay, make that "splat book" singular. So far there is only the one. But hey! Optimism!

That said, the splat book in question is this one: Cayzle's Little Splat Book of Prestige & Class. The current version, posted here August 1, 2016, is a the 1.0 version, and has had some actual playtesting. Further playtesting may well result in revisions, and maybe a FAQ. And with any luck, some other gamers will try it out and offer some feedback as well.

So what's in here that's worth the free download? Over 30,000 words in 80+ sweetly formatted pages! Twelve prestige classes designed for the Pathfinder RPG, plus the liontaur race. Here are the names of the prestige classes, but just the names! You'll have to download the FREE PDF to find out more.
  • The Whisperer in Kind
  • The Adventuring Hero
  • The Improved Assassin
  • The Spellspinner
  • The Olde Tyme Bard
  • The Wingchild
  • The Wandslinger
  • The Fighting Trickster
  • The Mentalist
  • The Commander
  • The Flibbertigibbet
  • The Summerkin
The savvy reader of this site (you know who you are) will recognize some familiar names in the list above. In fact, most of these prestige classes got their start in screeds written up to 10 years ago. However, four of the twelve are brand new this year, and all have been extensively revamped.

So please, download, enjoy, and most of all, send me feedback! Questions, comments, and notes on how these rules work in your game! I'm even offering playtester credits in the last chapter, so get back to me with your thoughts and you may be immortalized forever in a future edition. And contact me, Cayzle, directly if you would like a free adventure module with which to playtest it yourself.

Download Links for the 1.0 version PDF of Cayzle's Little Splat Book of Prestige & Class:

Direct from Cayzle's Wemic Site (1.3MB)
Download from RPGNow
Download from Drive Thru RPG

If there is demand (that means, if two people ask for it), I'll put together an e-book format version, probably a .mobi or .pub or some file format I'll have to learn more about. And I am considering making a version of this book that is compatible with Third Edition D&D, not Pathfinder, so if that idea floats your boat, let me know.


Alzrius, who blogs at Intelligence Check, comments on the draft version, saying, "Very nice supplement you’ve made there! The Old Tyme Bard alone makes it worth the price of downloading. :-)"
Cayzle: Higher praise no author of freeware could desire! :-)

To offer your comments, as always, the best way to reach me is through email to or on Twitter at The Daily Wemic.


20 March 2015: Original v0.9 beta release.

26 March 2015: The v0.91 beta was released March 26, with updates to liontaur formatting, flibbertigibbet familiar clarification, and commander leadership bonus types and a rhyme-o-mancy update.

1 August 2016: After PbP playtesting and extensive revision, the 1.0 version is released.

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