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The Witch

The witch class, called "warlock" or "witch doctor" by some, uses the sorcerer (Playerís Handbook, page 48) as a foundation, but with the witch spell list (Dungeon Masterís Guide, page 26). However, this version of the witch modifies and expands upon the information in these sources.

1) The witch has one less spell per level per day than the sorcerer. For example, at first level the witch has three 0-level spells and one 1st-level spell; compared with the sorcerer, who has four and two. At sixth level, the witch has six 0-level, three 1st-level, one 2nd-level, and zero 3rd-level spells. A high ability score grants extra spells, as usual. These are arcane spells.

2) The witch uses wisdom, not charisma, to determine extra spells, spell DC, etc.

3) The class skills of the witch are: Alchemy, Animal Empathy, Bluff, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Heal, Hide, Intimidate, Intuit Direction, Knowledge (nature), Listen, Move Silently, Profession, Scry, Search, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Spot, Wilderness Lore.

4) The witch gains 4 skill ranks per level, unlike the sorcererís 2.

5) One time only, the witch can conduct a ceremony summoning a greater power associated with Good, Evil, Chaos, or Law. By swearing fealty to the power and sacrificing 1,000 xp, the witch gains the ability to cast a few divine spells. At 1st level, the witch can cast Protection from Good/Evil/Chaos/Law once per day; at 7th level, the witch can also cast Reincarnate once per day; at 13th level, the witch can also cast Blasphemy/Holy Word/Dictum/Word of Chaos once per day; and at 19th level, the witch can also cast Miracle once per day. In return, the witch must perform one or more services or small quests annually, as required by the DM. Also, as part of the fealty ceremony, the witch is marked in some way: a birthmark, a tattoo, a streak of white hair, a scar, or a mole are possible options.

6) Finally, the witch has all the class features of the sorcerer, except that the witch ...

  • has access to club, dagger, spear, and staff only.
  • can gain as familiars only cats, ravens, and snakes.
  • at fifth level gains the bonus feat of Brew Potion.
  • at tenth level gains the ability to lead a Coven (see below).
  • at fifteenth level gains the bonus feat of Improved Brew Potion (see below).

Coven: When two to six witches gather together to brew potions, the effective level of the potion is equal to the level of the highest witch, plus one for each additional witch in the coven (max 20). If the leader of the coven is instead performing Alchemy, each additional witch can roll an Alchemy check against DC 10 to add +2 to the leader's check. In both these cases, only the highest level witch must have the Coven ability.

Improved Brew Potion: The witch can create potions for spells of any level, not just third level spells and under.

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