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Wemic Magic

Of course, to humans, wemics are magical creatures by their very existence. No other creature is half human and half beast. No other creature has two hands and four feet -- feet with claws!

But Wemic magic goes beyond that. Among humans, it is common knowledge that:

  • Wemics can become invisible, and they can sneak up on you.
  • They can smell a human who is miles away.
  • They talk with animals.
  • They can sometimes fly.
  • They can foretell the future from your dreams.
But the strangest part of their magic is that they can silently coerce intruders to obey their laws. They can tell if you are lying, and they have a way of politely encouraging you without words to behave.

Wemics themselves don't see themselves as magical at all. They are simply themselves, and that is enough.

But if you talk to wemics, you may hear them mention the fire that is in all living things, the fire of life. Wemics say that everything has a touch of that fire, from animals and plants to sun, wind, and dirt. The wise, a wemic might say, can sense that fire, and sometimes move it a little.

And if you were to get to know a wemic, the odds are you would be struck by its presence, and by a sense of restrained power. At first, you might think this was a natural result of meeting a seven-foot tall lion-human hybrid, but after a while, you would realize there was something more -- a sort of spiritual groundedness and innate compassion and empathy. You might think that wemics have a rightness about them that suggests the power of conviction rather than the power of muscles. Or in addition to the power of muscles!

Human Magic

There are a few human mages in Kalerre. They are reclusive, for the most part, and they are not known to wemics except in tales. Certainly there are mages in Cove, working for the Lord High Captain, and there is rumor of a mage who protects Freetown. But human magic is rare in Kalerre, and human mages keep a low profile.

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