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"Hi! I'm Cayzle."

Those are the words that opened this site for many years. You can still see them on this old archived home page. The site began as a free Web page on the old Geocities, at this address: I migrated to a paid Geocities site, and then to Yahoo's paid hosting service, which I used for many years until the prices were too high. Then I migrated to Hostinger, but I hope to end up living on a server in my nephew's basement some day. Maybe.

This site launched July 6, 1999. It started off with info for an online RPG I was playing -- I ran a wemic character in that one. Soon enough, I joined a couple other online 2E D&D games, adding descriptions of the wemic PCs from those games to the site. I started searching for and adding links to wemic content around the Web. I wrote a few essays on wemics.

In 2004, in a burst of energy, I revamped the site to give it more of a bloggy feel. I started writing regular "screeds" on wemics, D&D, and related things I found online. I started a fumetti style webcomic, and a sprite based extra, originally as a vote incentive. Then I had my daughter, and that ate up a lot of my time and energy. In 2008 I was laid off in the Great Recession, and survival became the priority; this site was basically on hiatus.

But as the economy has started to turn, I find myself inspired to breathe some new life into this site. Now I've revamped the home page, and I'm adding content, slowly but surely. I *have* been thinking and writing about games over the last few years; I plan to revisit those writings (mostly on old message board posts), and add them to the site as backdated screeds. And I may even resume my webcomic.

So here I am, Cayzle, running the site on pure 100% hand-coded html, adding content when I can. For more info on me, well, I'm a gamer, writer, and player; a husband, father, and homeowner; and a journalist, researcher, and content creator.

Back in the 1970s, playing D&D in high school, we had gotten our hands on a random name table, with which you rolled the dice to generate a name. Using that tool, I randomly rolled the name "Cayzle." The very first character named Cayzle was a dual-classed human Fighter7/Magic-User14. You First Edition grognards will recall that level 7 was a sweet break point for 1E fighters because at level 7 you got to attack three times every two rounds! Maybe these days, I can settle for three posts every two weeks!

2021 Update: The above was written in 2014. For several years now, my updating rate has been a lot closer to a post a month, alas. In September 2021, I added the word cloud above, based on the current home page.

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