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I have two Wemic characters in current games (and three that are retired), and I'm happy to offer you the chance to look them over. Someone once asked me if it wasn't a bad idea to put a character online that was still in play, since some info might be better left secret. There may be some validity to that, but it is more important to me to give examples of living characters that were crafted with my own variant rules. You can look over my retired characters to see how I developed a Second Edition AD&D Wemic Priest or Bard. Look over my current character to see an example of my Seer Prestige Class. And there are tons of other Wemic characters on the Web -- and I've linked to all of them from my Wemic Characters Links Page. But here are my own:

  • Zeoll, a Wemic Druid/Bard
  • Vauhwyt, a Wemic Sorcerer/Rogue/Fighter
  • Owyth, a Wemic Priest (retired)
  • Fraweol, a Wemic Fighter/Priest (retired)
  • Eso'ay, a Wemic Bard (retired)

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