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A Wemic Priest played by Cayzle in "A Quest for New Heros"

Sex Age
Male 17
Height Weight
7' 4 700 lbs
Hair Eyes
Chestnut Brown Brown

Armor Class 4
Experience Level 2
Experience Needed 4000
Experience Points 2440
Hit Points 18
THAC0 20

Here is a map of Owyth's world.
"A Quest for New Heros" is located at Rondak's Portal.
And the game master for the campaign has also set up his own Web site.

Here is the story of Owyth's Exile.

For those with less time, here is a summary of the party's Quest and Adventures.

If you have more time, here are the detailed adventure logs in which ...

Ability Base Score Current Score Note
Charisma 16 16 +4 loyalty; +5 reaction
Constitution 11 11 75% sys shock; 80% ressurection
Dexterity 13 13 normal
Intelligence 14 14 +4 languages / NWP slots
Strength 13 13 open doors 1-7 (d20); bend bars 4%
Wisdom 17 17 +3 vs mental att; extra spells

Skill Score Note
Animal Lore 14 Interpret animal actions, motivations
Direction Sense 18 Detect compass direction
Dream Reading 17 Treat like Astrology
Hunting 16 Allows hunter to sneak up on prey
Religion 19 Allows level training without a teacher
Tracking 17 As a Ranger
Weather Sense 16 Forecast weather
Wemic Leap Standing: 10' up, 30' across; Running: 50' across
Wemic Natural Armor AC 6
Wemic Shape No boots can be worn; armor is quite scarce
Wemic Size Large = use large weapon in one hand; weapon damage against large opponents is used

Quantity Item Weight Location Type Note
1 leather armor 15 body Armor Adds +1 AC
1 medium shield 10 arm Armor Adds +1 AC
1 belt - waist Clothing
20 hair beads - hair Clothing
1 hair beads - body Clothing
1 iron rations 10 belt pouch Food good for one week
1 waterskin 1 over shoulder Food
2 belt pouches 2 belt General
1 comb 0.1 belt pouch General
1 flint, steel, tinder 0.1 belt pouch General
1 scabbard 2 back General
31 coins 0.2 belt pouch Treasure 31 gp
1 greatsword 15 scabbard Weapon 2H sword weilded in one hand: 1-10/3-18
1 hand dagger 2 belt Weapon 1-4/1-3
6 throwing daggers 6 belt pouch Weapon 2/rnd, 1-4/1-3

Level Type # Available Note
1 Spells 4 Commonly Bless, Cure Light Wounds, Animal Friendship, and Light
2 Totem Bag none Allows bonuses against totem creatures. Current creatures: none

Owyth is a Wemic, a half-lion, half-human centaur-like creature. He is average in height for a Wemic, but skinnier than most. His mane and tail are a beautiful chestnut brown, but slightly unkempt. Like most Wemics, he wears beads in his hair that declare (at least to other Wemics) his devotion to the priesthood -- but he does not wear the beads that reveal the clan of his birth, because he is an exile.

This Wemic wears leather armor, carries a shield and a greatsword, and there is a bag on a thong around his neck.

Owyth is a Second Edition Dungeons and Dragons Wemic Priest. Rules for the Wemic Priest variant can be found here. Other extensive notes on Owyth and the Quest for New Heros can be found here.

Owyth rebelled against his father, who was chief of his pride, over his choice of mate. Ironically, Owyth would have agreed to his father's wishes if only he had been given a little more time -- as it was, his father alienated Owyth by killing Owyth's lover. On his own, Owyth deepened his devotion to nature and living things as he turned away from his people. He managed to survive alone in the wild for a couple years. But after a time, he came to long for the sound of spoken words rather than howls and birdsong. He travelled to the lands of humans out of boredom, loneliness, and curiousity. And in this "Quest for New Heros," he has found answers to these desires.

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