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Tina and Leland sent me this info on Wemics in Greyhawk. Thanks to them for permission to quote their letter here. As soon as I get it, I'll link to their Web site!

Re: Wemics in Greyhawk and more!

Hi there Cayzle,

My hubby did some research on the Wemic and he has come
up with some places that you may find them on Oerth:

Keoland, Yeomanry, Idee, South Province, and in the most
southern area of the Great Kingdom. These places fit
the location of the temperate plains area that the wemic
inhabit and these areas will probably be as far north as
you will ever see one. He also believes that the area
of Geoff may have contained Wemic at one time until the
Giant Invasion during the Greyhawk Wars which would
probably have sent them farther south into Keoland or
Yeomanry. Perhaps even farther.

So I hope this was enough info for you and we helped you
at least a little. I liked your site very much and
thanks again for your ideas!

Talk to ya later,

Tina and Leland

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