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Playing in Martin Moore's Dipsters No-Press Diplomacy Tournament

I've blogged about playing in the Dipsters Annual Tourney before. Well, the 2020 tourney results just came out (scroll down), and they inspired me to look into my performance in these things more generally. I missed a year in 2018 because I was late for the sign-up deadline. Here are my results:

table showing Cayzle's win/loss (mostly loss) record in an annual Diplomacy tournament

You can also click for the googledoc spreadsheet upon which the table above is based.

You'll note that my record as a Diplomacy player is very mediocre, lol. Heck, in 2019 I laid the big goose egg with seven losses! Considering that I believe the quality of players is very high in Martin's Dipster group, I don't mind. Each year I look for a milestone to be happy about. In 2015 I managed a solo victory! This year I managed to lose only four of seven games, my best year yet in terms of minimizing losses. I also play more frequently on another site,, which I believe has a much more average general level of player skill ... on that site, I currently am ranked 479th out of 23,507 ranked players. Figure 90% of those are dilettantes, and I'm still ranked in the top quarter of respectable players.

Anyway, back to the DNP2020 tourney. I managed to avoid a loss twice with three-way draws and once with a four-way draw, but the one that I'm most proud of (that is, the one that hurts the most to have lost) is this one:

An image of the Diplomacy game that Cayzle lost by just one dot!

This game came down to me (England, in blue) and France vs Turkey (in yellow) and Austria. I stabbed France, hoping Turkey would follow suit and stab Austria, but at first he did not. Instead, he was clever and secured his line stretching from Sevastopol (in the Russian Crimea) to Portugal. THEN he stabbed Austria AND held fast at the winning Sev-to-Por line. Good play by me, excellent play by Turkey! Still, so close! Sigh.

Well, there's always next year! :-)

As I did once in the past, let me copy and paste Martin's always-entertaining tourney report. Thanks Martin!

After eight months and 45 games, DNP20 has now finished. The winner is Jason Whitby, with a result of two solos, four 3-way draws, and one loss. Congratulations to Jason! However, the championship wasn't fully decided until the end of the final game, dnp2035. If Maxim Popov had soloed in that game -- and for a while it looked like he had a shot at it -- he would have tied Jason for the championship (it also would have been the only Italian solo of the tournament). But Maxim finished with a 3WD in that game, and third place overall.

Here are the full results; please let me know ASAP if you see an error in your score:

Rank Player Results Score
1 Jason Whitby WW3333L


2 Gian Paolo Costantino WW334LL


3 Maxim Popov WW33LLL


3 Allen Schweinsberg WW3LLLL


5 Chris Fridrich W3334LL


6 David Norman W333LLL


7 Miguel Goldfeld W334LLL


7 Robin Walters W334LLL


9 Andrew Brierley W34LLLL


9 Ken Navarro 33334LL


9 Martin Kaplan W34LLLL


12 Dave Kleiman W44LLLL


13 Bruce Williams W3LLLLL


14 Andy Tomlinson W4LLLLL


14 Bruno Tizon 3334LLL


14 John Quarto-vonTivadar W4LLLLL


17 Gabe Racz 3344LLL


17 Markus Kaestenbauer 3344LLL


19 Peter Wyatt 333LLLL


19 Ron Poet 333LLLL


21 Christian Dreyer 334LLLL


21 Dov Kass 334LLLL


21 Keith Schneider 334LLLL


21 Kent Disch 334LLLL


21 Michael "Cayzle" Alterio 334LLLL


26 Mike Yatchman 344LLLL


27 Charles Welsh 33LLLLL


27 Eric Hunter 33LLLLL


29 Mark Perryman 34LLLLL


29 Martin Rubens 34LLLLL


29 Scott Ellis 34LLLLL


32 Lloyd London 3LLLLLL


32 Mark Isenberger 3LLLLLL


32 Todd Lawson 3LLLLLL


35 Hamish Williams 4LLLLLL


35 Yves Grosdidier 4LLLLLL


37 Alan Lange LLLLLLL


37 Arto Hakkarainen LLLLLLL


37 Bob Blanchett LLLLLLL


37 Craig Reges LLLLLLL


37 Ed Henry LLLLLLL


37 Gilles Marion LLLLLLL


37 John Van Voorhis LLLLLLL


37 Rian Mitra LLLLLLL


37 Sang Yul Bae LLLLLLL


There were 18 solos, 20 3-way draws, and 7 4-way draws. The 40% solo rate was similar to most previous DNP tournaments. Surprisingly, the best performing power was Austria, with England a close second (England actually had one more solo, but Austria had several more draws). France, usually the strongest power, finished a poor fifth with only a single solo and an underwater overall score. The results by power:

1. Austria (1270 points): 4 solos, 12 3WD, 6 4WD, 23 losses.

2. England (1220): 5 solos, 10 3WD, 4 4WD, 26 losses.

3. Turkey (170): 3 solos, 7 3WD, 6 4WD, 29 losses.

4. Russia (-285): 3 solos, 6 3WD, 3 4WD, 33 losses.

5. France (-320): 1 solo, 11 3WD, 4 4WD, 29 losses.

6. Germany (-425): 2 solos, 8 3WD, 3 4WD, 32 losses.

7. Italy (-1650): 0 solos, 6 3WD, 2 4WD, 37 losses.

Thanks to everyone for making the tournament a success. With 45 players, it was the largest Dipsters tournament since 2008! On the whole, orders were entered in a timely fashion -- although it can always get better. ;) I only had to replace one person, a first-time player who didn't understand the time commitment involved. Thanks to Kent Disch for taking over that spot.

And now for some awards:

The Give Peace a Chance Award (most draws with no solos) goes to Ken Navarro, with an impressive five draws (four 3WD and a 4WD). This resulted in a high enough score that Ken finished ahead of several players with solos. Honorable mention goes to Bruno Tizon, Gabe Racz, and Markus Kaestenbauer, who all had four draws and no solos. Jason Whitby also had four draws, but spoiled it (for purposes of this award only!) by having two solos.

The Victory or Death Award (most solos with no draws) goes to…nobody. The closest were Bruce Williams, Andy Tomlinson, and John Quarto von-Tivadar, who each had one draw to go with their solos.

The Breaking Even (the Hard Way) Award goes to Peter Wyatt and Ron Poet, who both had three 3WD and four losses to finish with exactly zero points. All that work and you're back where you started. ;)

I've already been asked about DNP21, and the tentative plan is to open registration in a few weeks, probably late March or early April. The tournament announcement will be sent to this distribution and to the Dipsters Google group. If you haven't yet joined the new Dipsters, which migrated to Google Groups following the demise of Yahoo Groups, let me know and I'll send you an invitation.

Thanks again to everyone for a great tournament!


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