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A Wemic in the Mainstream [26 Jan 14] Hathos Alert! Hathos Alert!

First of all, I have to ashamedly admit I was browsing the "College Humor" site, even though my college days are more than half a lifetime away from me now. And I stumbled on the worst bit of furry bashing I've ever seen. I'm not a furry-inclined person myself, but it is a part of the hobby, and there are certainly taur and wemic fans among furry folk, so live and let live, I always say. Which is to explain why part of me feels guilty about posting this video I found on, since it is really insulting and puerile, under the guise of "har-de-har, just teasing, cantcha take a joke, come on, it's funny."

On Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog, he often posts cringeworthy stuff that he labels "Hathos Alert." By his definition, a hathos alert is "for moments when you want to look away but cannot. Hathos is the attraction to something you really can't stand; it's the compulsion of revulsion." Well, for me, this video is the living embodiment of hathos. And ... it features a wemic!

Here's the wemic from the video:

a furry wemic in a humor video

Here is a link to the video, and here is the embed of the video itself. Fair warning, it's not safe for work, in a animated soft porn kind of way. Let the watcher beware!

Well ... enjoy?

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