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Fey Dragon Rescue Quest


With only five lizard-dogs standing and the leaders fallen or fled, the remainder surrender!

The Crocodile Sleeps Tonight

Two druids flee and the bodies pile up. Has the tide turned?

The Blood Keeps Flowing

But the smarter combatants are thinking about escape!

Lizard-Dog-Pile on the Prisoner!

Julian topples, Flick is flanked, and the enemy druid goes up in smoke.

The Die Roller Hates the DM!

Mostly the enemy attacks Julian and Flick. And a croc dines well.

Lizard-Dog-Pile on the Raging Giant Hobbit!

Julian whacks the tribe's druid, and the rest pile on!

First Blood

Battle begins in earnest. A Grease spell and two Entangles are cast.

Talking Over Their Heads

Kendry tries diplomacy, and the maneuvering begins.

The Pause That Refreshes

Just before battle begins, the unsuspecting and simple river folk go about their business, unaware of the bloody nightmare about to be unleashed upon them.

The Battleground

Map Notes

The Stream:
The stream is not very deep. A DC10 swim check gets you across with a full round action -- if you take 10, there is no problem. But you can't take 10 in battle, of course, so if you are unlucky and roll low, the stream could be a small hazard.

The Trees:
A creature standing in the trees gains a +2 cover bonus to Armor Class and a +1 cover bonus on Reflex saves. A DC 15 Climb check is sufficient to climb a tree. The undergrowth around the trees tends to tangle your feet, so it costs 2 squares of movement to enter a forest square. It also offers 20% concealment. The forest undergrowth increases the DC of Tumble and Move Silently checks by 2 because the leaves and branches get in the way.

The Berry Bramble:
The bramble is thick with bushes, vines, and short trees. You can move 5 feet through it in a move action, or 10 feet with a full round action. You cannot run through the bramble.


The maps above were made using Excel exclusively. All items on the map are draw objects. Many use the program's transparency feature so that the underlying grid remains visible. For those who have Excel and would like to play with the file, here it is. After completion, the final gifs were created with screen snapshots in Mac OSX and resaved in Photoshop Elements.

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