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Wemics in Dungeons and Dragons

So far as I can tell, wemics first appeared as creatures in the Dungeons and Dragons role play game. The earliest reference to wemics in Dungeons and Dragons that I have found dates to 1982. If anyone knows who the original author is, or how to find out more, please e-mail me.

Official Dungeons and Dragons Rules
The First Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules for wemics appeared in the TSR product “Monster Cards Set 3” (1982). Here is an analysis of those early rules.

The official Second Edition D&D rules on Wemics can be found in three places. As monsters, they are listed in the "Monstrous Manual" (1995). As player characters, they are detailed in the "Players' Option: Skills and Powers" and in the "Complete Book of Humanoids." Here is my own analysis of Second Edition D&D Wemic rules.

And the latest rules for Third Edition wemics can be found in the “Monsters of Faerun” (2000). Here are my thoughts on the Third Edition rules .

Cayzle's Variations
I have created a number of variant rules for Wemics in Second Edition D&D and Wemics in Third Edition D&D. These consist of my ideas for:



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