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Weapons in Scurry [23 Oct 09] No phone, no lights, no motor cars. Not a single luxury.

Scurry is a game about small creatures -- pests and vermin, from a human point of view -- who suddenly receive souls and minds. But they still have animal bodies, and no tradition or culture of tool use. So a Scurry campaign starts with tooth and claw, and that's it. No weapons, no armor, no gear of any kind.

But being intelligent, observing the humanoid cultures from which they scavenge, and conversing with spirits who may guide them, the characters of Scurry will soon be finding, improvising, and making things of their own. There are two classes (of six) devoted to this idea -- craphounds, who find objects, and thingmongers, who make them.

So what happens when a rat, a gecko, or a snake wants to wear armor? How can a cockroach or a sparrow use a weapon? There are lots of literary examples of mice using objects, from Reepicheep to Stuart Little, but how does that work, exactly?

There are three levels of manipulation ability that the creatures of Scurry can use. Cockroaches and vipers have poor manipulation; they cannot use weapons at all. Sparrows and Geckos have average manipulation; they can use a weapon, attacking once, as a full-round action. And mice and rats have good manipulation; they can swing a weapon once as a standard action. Those with less than good manipulation can use feats to improve.

No class gives full proficiency with a wide range of weapons, as traditional Dungeon and Dragons classes do. Instead, you can use feats to gain access to a very few weapons. That's not too bad though, since there are only 11 weapons in the game. Take a look:

Weapons in Scurry
Scurry Weapons

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