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Old Screeds

Puppies of Death [4 Oct 2014] A D&D scenario

You and your band of hero-adventurers have had a good run, made a name for yourselves, and now you are a force with which the bad guys must reckon. In fact, you're a target, but if anything, that makes you even more heroic!

So it is no surprise that people in trouble come to you for aid in their moments of deepest need. No surprise, for example, when a small bird brings you a message written on a scrap of parchment: "Please help! Children are in trouble! Merchant Quarter, right away!" You head right off across town to the Merchant Quarter, a middle-class neighborhood of shops and families.

Up ahead you hear a commotion, and you see a cart led by an old man. There are a half a dozen kids crying and following behind. You hear a young boy shouting, "Give me back my puppy! Please, mister!" It seems that an old man has stolen the kids' puppies and is keeping them in a wagon. And the wagon is festooned with torches, vials labelled as alchemical fire, and gears -- it seems rigged to blow!

The old man challenges you. He is dressed in rags, and one eye is clouded over. He peers at you with his one good eye and says, in a quavering voice, “I am the Keeper Of All Canines! The Purveyor of Puppies! For dogs are delightful, delectable, demonstrably devoted, and divestified! The Watcher of Wolf-kin commands your respect! ... Only those who answer TWO QUESTIONS can earn the bounty of a puppy’s freedom! WHO will take the challenge?”

Will you answer the old dog catcher's crazed questions? Can you save the puppies? What will happen next? For answers, try this D&D scenario I wrote specifically to highlight the Improved Pathfinder Assassins I blogged about in July:


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