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Web Comics Revisited [15 Dec 04]

A few weeks back I took a look at some Web comics, placing them on a spectrum, reflecting whether they were reality based or fantasy based. Since then I had some good feedback. Thanks to Meta of Antioch, Invariel, GPEKO, and Nim of the OOTS message boards.

From the real to the surreal, Here are more comics:

  • Sorry, We're Open: Life and games in a game shop.
  • Casual Gamers: Gamers around a table.
  • Fuzzy Knights: An homage to Knights of the Dinner Table -- another gamers-around-a-table, but the gamers are toy stuffed animals.
  • RPG World: Fantasy strip with meta asides based on the game world -- a computer video RPG.
  • Video Game Cats: anthropomorphic cats sitting around playing games. The game world is often depicted as well. This one pokes fun at video games in general, not just RPGs.
  • Ledgermain: A fantasy comic whose characters are sometimes aware of metagame issues. Plus a bipedal cat-person!
  • A Modest Destiny: A focus on player characters in a computer RPG.
  • Van Von Hunter: A fantasy with real world intrusions.
  • Bruno the Bandit: A pure fantasy in an adventuring setting. Ambiguously game related.


11 Feb 05 Update: Commissioned, by Obsidian, is an amusing Web comic about an artist who sometimes runs a D&D game. His two players' characters make appearances in the comic, putting it in the middle of my reality-to-fantasy continuum. I especially like the one in which a monster thinks its picture in the Monster Manual makes it look fat! LOL!

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