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Game talk [23 Feb 05] and where to get it

I know, it sounds funny, but when you actually get tired of playing Dungeons and Dragons, there are other things to do online -- like talking about games! Here are some places you can slake your jones for RPG talk.

Surely the mother of all D&D message boards is the one at En World. Birthed by Eric Noah with the beginnings of the third edition of the game, and run today by Morrus, En World has a place to talk about any kind of gaming news, and more.

Of course, that makes the Wizards of the Coast message board the father of all message boards! D&D rules, settings, advice, and new products -- it's all there.

But it's easy to get lost in a huge message board. For a cozier community, try smaller boards, like the medium-size Giant in the Playground board, or the even smaller ones at Uncle Bear and Closet Gamers. There are plenty more like those on the Web.

But for you luddites out there who scorn that new-fangled WWW thing, with the fancy jay-pegs and cutesy URLs, try an older, text-based technology, like the DnD-L Listserv, run by WotC, or the news group. Both of these, being text based, are fully searchable ... through the DnD-L Archives and through Google

So now you have no excuse -- get talking!

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