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Click Here [13 June 05] Gaming Links A-Plenty.

In one of my early screeds, I lamented the dearth of good gaming links. Well, since then, I've found a few, now living on my home page and on my Yahoo page. I have been thinking for a while that I need to annotate them and separate the sweet from the riff-raff. And put them on my home page.

Also, every screed I've written is linked to on the left side of my home page, and it is getting unweildy. I think I have to cut back to the most recent 30 or so.

So let's get organizing! After pruning, I've chopped and sorted the worthy down to these:


The Cranky Gamer by Nexx: Lots of game analysis (including D&D), updated weekly or so.

Mike Mearls: Often compelling on game design. Has done lots of D&D specific stuff; we'll see if that changes now that he's working for WotC.

Monte Cook: The iconic Monty Cook serves up frequent chunky d20 goodness and personal essays.

Gamer Chicks: Links, comments, essays from a female gamer perspective.

Sean Reynolds: Excellent D&D content, offered monthly or so.

Gamegrene: A must-read gaming magazine.

Roleplayer's Community's Journal: Diverse games, diverse gamers, updated frequently.


anyway by Vincent “Lumpley” Baker: Vincent is famous in the RPG community as the author of Dogs in the Vineyard.

The 20' By 20' Room.

This Is My Blog by Ben Lehman.

Esoteric Murmurs by Ed and Joe.

Rainfall - A Torrent of RPG ideas.


/server by Jason Personal blog with fiction, notable because of his love of wemics! Updated more or less weekly.

Barking up the wrong tree by Gunrock: Blog, D&D, Weekly.

Jeff Grubb: Lively, personal blog of a designer of d20 Modern and the MMII.

The Monkey King by Wolfgang Baur: Personal blog of the former Dragon Magazine editor.

Bruce Cordell: Author of Expanded Psionics Handbook; personal blog, updated more or less weekly.

Jonathan Tweet: Rarely updated personal site of the author of the PHB.

James Wyatt: Designer for Ebberon, etc. Personal blog, practically moribund.

Andy Collins: Practically moribund, but valuable when updated.


EN World: Daily news, message boards, lots more.

Uncle Bear by Berin Kinsman: Daily game industry news site.

Ogre Cave: Daily game industry news site.

Wizards: The publisher of Dungeons and Dragons.

RPG Now: Publisher of RPG PDFs.


Guy's Pages: D&D 3.0 articles (static).

Dungeons and Dragons Silliness by Hong Ooi: Articles, D&D articles (static). Not silly.

Places to Go, People to Be: Online Magazine, Indie, Quarterly, sort of.


DnD-L: Search the archives of the WotC D&D listserv.

WotC D&D: D&D message boards at Wizards.

The Wold: A play-by-post D&D site, set all in one world.

Tazlure: A play-by-post RPG site, using homebrew rules, set in one universe.

Rondak's Portal: Play-by-post gaming under many systems, in many worlds.

Irony: Irony Game's PBeM News -- a great place to find or advertise online RPGs.

There! Now to update my home page, and I'm done!

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