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Ruminations on the Wold [14 September 06] Looking for new players.

I started this Web site with two thoughts in mind: to boost wemics generally, and to be a reference page for my online PBeM RPG game at the time. Then it was a resource for my second online game, then my third. In the meantime, I was also playing in Tazlure, and I had still another character in another game, too.

So yes, I was discovering out that it's hard to find a great online game, and even the good ones come and go with the vagaries of life and the Internet. Then a guy named Gericko invited me to join the Wold, and I never looked back. Since 2000, 99 percent of my online gaming has been there. In fact, at times I have neglected my wemic site because all my energy was going into the Wold.

The Wold is a community of about a hundred gamers who all play 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons in the same campaign setting. There are about 14 long-running games right now, with about eight players per game (a few people who put give a lot of time to the community get to play two PCs). Each game takes its PCs from first level to twentieth, over about ten to twelve real life years. Our first group is about to retire with honors, having reached 20th level. Every game is run by a Dungeon Master on its own message board. One of the best things about having a large community is that there are players and DMs to take over when someone drops out for a while or forever. DMs rotate among games every year or two, so everyone eventually learns about all the games.

It's a cliche, but its true: the people make the difference. You will find all sorts here -- role players and power gamers, young and old, different nationalities, etc. There are out of character boards for general chatting as well as for debate. There is an in-character message board that lets characters from different games interact and go on short-term adventures together. Because the people in the Wold are devoted and have become friends, we've been around for years and years, so there's no danger of a game disappearing. We've met in person for a small gaming con twice now, in fact.

Here's an interview I blogged with Gericko, the founder, a couple years ago.

Here's the pledge drive part of today's screed. We're looking for players. Used to be we recruited with great success on But, alas, that site went belly up in 2005. There are some folks out there trying to fill the gap, including these:

And will wonders never cease? Now it seems that is back! Or sort of back ... I had trouble getting most pages to load.

But the point is, even these sites are not getting the job done for us, so the Wold is having a membership drive. If you have ever wanted to join one of the best D&D play-by-post campaigns on the Web, please give us a try -- just e-mail me or Gericko. Thanks!

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