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Old Screeds

Unfinished Business and Coming Attractions [15 May 07] Reader feedback, plans for upcoming screeds, and things to do.

Seems like some weeks all I have time for is to make and post a new comic. But in the meantime, I keep getting ideas for screeds, and readers -- bless 'em! -- keep sending me mail. This screed is a thanks to the folks who have made comments, and a to do list of coming attractions.

Future Screeds

  • A fighter-oriented PrC that focuses on flying animals, inspired by this message board post.
  • How to make the most of your arcane archer. Especially maximizing the Imbue Arrow ability.
  • How to put the rules on intelligent items to the best use. Especially how intelligent items can activate themselves.
  • Also a general theme on getting the most out of what you do in combat -- by squeezing more actions into your round.
  • How to max out your AC, a multi-part series. Screeds on magic items, class abilities, and feats and tricks.
The last item, on AC, was suggested by my gaming comrade-in-arms, Dave. Great idea, Dave!

The ever-thoughtful Nexx has some good feedback in reference to the Fighting Trickster -- What names to give Class Abilities, what can be disabled. I'll add that to the Fighting Trickster screed.

A reader named Adam sent me a great dead link report. I need to update my links. I have several more wemic links to add to the site.

I also need to bring the D&D rules section up to date, as well as posting thorough and far-ranging updates on two of my current PCs.

But there is fun news too. I recently sent Danielle of Girls with Slingshots a guest webcomic strip. It goes up today, and eventually you'll be able to see it here.

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