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Artists and Twitter [21 April 15] Especially the delightfully named Kat Nicholson

Since I started tweeting at the beginning of the year, I've struggled to live up to "The Daily Wemic" moniker. Even today, there's just not a TON of liontaur content on the World Wide Web, so I've had to work a bit to search for links, conversations, references, and art that fits my niche. One very nice result of my search, though, has been the discovery of some great artists, who also seem to have the same feeling of chasing after content on Twitter. For example consider this self portrait of Kat Nicholson racing after the Twitter logo:
Chasing Dreams by Kat Nicholson
No, of course, I kid. I did find this lovely sketch searching for things to tweet about, though, and Kat was kind enough to allow me to use it -- we'll see if she still feels the same way after this blog post goes live! The art is called "Chasing Dreams," and I just love the sense of movement in it. I also really like how this is a true lion centaur, that is, fully human from the waist up. The original is here at Deviant Art.

Kat also sent me links to two other wonderful drawings of wemics she's made. This one is called "Purple Cat-Taur Run" ...
Purple Cat-taur Run by Kat Nicholson

And here's a drawing of a winged wemic, titled Stretch ...
Stretch by Kat Nicholson

May I add my personal opinion that "Kat" is the best name ever for an artist who draws wemics? My mom's name is Kathleen, and I think I'll start calling her that. Check out more of Kat Nicholson's amazing (and, literally, fantastic) art at her professional site at And make sure you check out her work on Thundercats!

But wait, there's more! Like I said, I've seen some sweet liontaur art on Twitter. Here is a sampling ...

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