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Wemics in Neverwinter Nights [31 Dec 04]

Neverwinter Nights is a computer RPG based soundly on the core rules of Dungeons and Dragons. That's impressive, since (unlike all other computer games of the genre before it) it allows you to recreate the pen-and-paper experience of sitting down to play with other human beings -- through its multiplayer mode, you can interact with other people over the Internet, and one of those can act as DM, moderating the game as it progresses!

Neverwinter Nights is also very much like its pen-and-paper parent in that it lets you create new adventures and customize options (if you know how to use its toolset -- and (no, this Mac user is not bitter) if you have a Windows machine). One of the most fabulous player-created options is a new player race -- yes, wemics!

The wemic race option was created by Eligio Sacateca. To use it, you have to download some files and install them in the right places, which is pretty easy. To customize your wemic's ability scores for use as a player character, you also need to download an application called Character Creator from the Players Resource Consortium. I've been having trouble getting that to work on my Mac, but I hope to figure it out soon.

But more to the point, how does the wemic work in NWN? It works great! The shape, movement, articulation, and colors are all at a pro level. I love how the legs and hindquarters move when the wemic is running. Here is a screen grab:

Neverwinter Nights Wemic.

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