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Liontaur Lingo [7 Jan 05]

One good way to make your wemic or liontaur character stand out is with language. Especially in an online game, in which so much is communicated through typed words, how your liontaur speaks may be more revealing than what he or she says.

One way to make your character's speech stand out is with a language. I currently play two liontaurs, and both have an accent. One is less civilized, and has spent little time with two-legged folks. His accent is strong, and I represent it by doubling all his "r"s (an already doubled r becomes a triple). Thus, he would say, "Therre go thirrty horrrible drragons! Bewarre!"

My other liontaur has spent very little time among her own kind, since she was sold into slavery as a cub and lives among mannish people. Her accent is faint, and her "r"s are doubled only when they appear at the end of sentences or at pauses. She would say, "There go thirty horrible dragons! Bewarre!"

I also use names to make my liontaurs stand out. By constructing consistent rules for names, it sustains the idea that these liontaurs come from the same culture. You can find my rules for liontaur names online.

But others have put their creativity into feline languages as well. Here are a few links to three.

Update [12 Feb 06] Spence Hill's page is gone into the aether. Here is the archived version from the Wayback Machine.

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