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Druid Liontaur Warriors [18 March 05] With some rogue thrown in for kicks.

In my last liontaur screed, I proposed rules for making a first level, one hit die liontaur. So the next question: what kinds of characters should you make with them?

This time I'll talk about the liontaur druid. I've already talked generally about melee, missile, and wildshaping strategies for druids of all races. But the missile and wildshape strategies give no advantage for liontaurs. The missile strat depends on riding a mount, and that's out for liontaurs. The wildshape strat aims to take animal forms, so being a liontaur is not a big deal. But the melee strat is ideal for a liontaur.

The central idea of the melee strat is to use Shillelagh with your staff as a double weapon. As a large liontaur, your damage is 3d6/3d6. And with your front paws, that's 3d6/3d6/1d4/1d4. Start at level one as a rogue (for the skills) with as much Tumble as you can muster, and add druid at second level. Now your strategy is to enter melee with your animal companion, say a wolf, tumble to flank your enemy, and with sneak attacks, your full attack is 4d6/4d6/1d4+1d6/1d4+1d6. For a second level character, that's not too shabby. Your base attack bonus is poor -- +0 at second level -- but the +2 flanking bonus helps compensate. I suggest maxing out dexterity rather than strength -- dex helps your AC, which you really need, and the weapon finese feat lets you add your dex bonus as an attack bonus on your paws and the off end of your staff.

Fighter-type classes make good boosts to the druid/rogue base. Take two levels of ranger for the two-weapon fighting and druid synergies; druid/ranger/rogue is handy if your DM likes to bash your companion, since druid and ranger levels stack to boost your friend. (Remember, if your companion dies, it's at no penalty to you, and you summon a new one with a day's meditation.) Take two levels of fighter for the bonus feats. If you really want to emphasize fighting, take fighter, ranger, and even a couple barbarian levels -- in which case, you probably won't go higher than druid3/ranger3. Or stick to druid and rogue only -- better spells and sneak attack damage -- but not as strong toe-to-toe.

Your weaknesses will include poor hit points, armor class, and base attack bonus. If your game has lots of down time to make things, Scribe Scroll might be worth it to stock up on cure light wounds scrolls. Also churn out the goodberries on those off days. A lesser metamagic rod of extend helps those berries last longer used on the off days, and makes sure your Shillelagh lasts the battle through in fights. You'll want items that boost AC, and an Amulet of Health is always welcome.

If all you want your druid to do is cast spells and change shape, you might as well be a halfling. But if you want to put your liontaur strengths to work, you could do worse than the Shillelagh specialist.

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