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Wemic on the Web [14 July 05] Links, links, and links.

Years before I was blogging -- and dare I wonder, years before blogging existed? -- the "highlight" of Cayzle's Wemic Site was an annotated listing of every single Web page in existence that mentioned wemics, liontaurs, and other four-legged-two-armed felids. I've fallen behind in keeping my links up to date, but this week I started to tackle that job. Here are a few highlights.

I've always been sad when wemic content faded from the Web. Sometimes I have tried to contact authors whose links broke, with mixed luck. Some I never heard from. Some gave me new links. Some gave me permission to host their content on my site. But with the glory that is the Wayback Machine, now I have a much more potent tool at my disposal for dredging the depths of the Web for lost content.

stolen image of the cartoon Wayback MachineAnd for the kiddies out there, a side note on one reason the Wayback Machine is so great. As the Wikipedia explains, it is a reference to Sherman and Mr. Peabody, of the old Rocky and Bullwinkle show, which I fondly remember from the foggy days of my long-gone youth.

Well, to get to the point, I was able to repair two broken links to stories about wemics with the Wayback Machine's help this week: Pilgrimage and The Way of the Wemic. Thanks, Wayback Machine!

But I wasn't just checking and repairing old links this week. I was looking for new ones as well. Here are a few of the stand-outs:

  • The prize for enthusiasm goes to Tribute to the Wemic. Granted, it's a little lite on meat, but fun and frothy has its place! Nice page, Jon Littlerabbit! I like the cartoon wemics!
  • I can't believe I had forgotten to link to the Wikipedia's Wemic entry, especially since I myself started the thing back in December 2001! D'Oh!
  • Les wemics is a version of the 3.5 Dungeons and Dragons rules for wemics in French! I knew I studied French for four years in high school for a reason ... to be able to read this page!
  • Armor of Nobianon -- this is a suit of magic armor designed to be worn by a wemic. That makes me think about other wemic-intended magic items ... hmmm, future screed fodder.

With any luck, it'll be less than a year before I go back to updating my links. I have lots of art links to go through, still.

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