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The Most Wonderful Wemic In The World [11 Jun 13] IMNSHO.

First, the caveats. I have always been annoyed at depictions and descriptions of wemics and liontaurs that were on the "beastial" side. We do not picture centaurs with horse ears or horse snouts. Why would liontaurs have cat ears or lion noses? Still, many creators of wemics have, to greater or lesser degrees, pictured wemics as having feline facial features.

For LARPers and those who want to wear costumes, I can hardly fault the tendency. After all, it is very hard to create a costume with four legs and two arms. So when people "dress up" like wemics, some greater latitude is reasonable.

Even if they are dressing as "tiger-taurs" rather than lion-taurs.

That said, I have to admit that I have from time to time indulged in a measure of paternal privilege. So please forgive another example. At the latest school fair, earlier this year, there was the ever-present face-painting booth, and of course its attractions are well known to the 8-year-old set. However, I must proudly declare that under no coercion or influence from her father at all, my fierce daughter made the exactly perfect choice for her new look:

Violet the Tiger-Taur
29 Oct 13 Update: Just to show that I am not biased or anything, here's a cosplayer dressed as a "wemic" in the Maelstron LARP.

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