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The Best Darn DC Comics Villain Ever! [20 Apr 16] "Lion-Mane" is the wemic you love to hate!

Way back in 1967, on the cover of Hawkman vol. 1 #20, the hero is shown falling through the air and grappling with a leonine biped. That's "Lion-Mane," a villain in the DC Comics multiverse. You can read about Lion-Mane on Wikipedia, Comic Vine, and the DC Comics Wikia Database. More important to us, in a 2011 reboot, the "New 52" continuity, Lion-Mane becomes a true taur, with four legs and a humanoid torso and arms.

First appearance of Lion-Mane New 52 tauric reboot of Lion-Mane
First appearance of Lion-Mane on the cover of Hawkman vol. 1 #20 in 1967 Lion-Mane in liontaur form in 2011 in the New 52 DC Comics reboot

To add two personal notes ... first, I have to point out how awesome it is that in the 1967 cover, Lion-Mane is actually ripping the wing off Hawkman! Second, I need to get something off my chest: "Lion-Mane" has got to be the stupidest name for a liontaur ever! Duh! What were they thinking? But I can forget the name when I look at amazing art like this:

All in a day's work for this bad-ass supervillain!

Thanks to Comic Vine for the Lion-Mane images in this post.

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