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Chasing Urmahlullu [19 May 16] New music with a liontaur beat

Thanks to Doctor Google, I've discovered a musician who found inspiration in liontaurs for a piece of new music. The band is "San and Tac" -- San is New Caledonia musician Tristan Guillaume, and Tac is his imaginary / plushie monkey pal. Check out San and Tac on Bandcamp and on SoundCloud.

San and Tac's latest release, out just this month, is called "Chasing Urmahlullu." The genre is Electronic, and the style is Psychedelic Trance. There are three songs in the free download / EP, and the first is the song named Chasing Urmahlullu. Get it at the Sangoma Records site, right here. The Sangoma site has this to say about Chasing Urmahlullu:

Sangoma Records brings you another free release this time from San and Tac from far down under the island of New Caledonia located in the south pacific! Tristan Guillaume (San) and his mischievous imaginary monkey friend Tac have teamed up once again to bring you a deep quirky ride. The style of this EP could be described as a fusion between foresty nighttime psychedlia and zenonesque Australian progressive definitely fresh and full of surprises mastered by Ryanosaurus.

I reached out to San and got him to comment on his latest creation. Of course, I asked him why he called the instrumental piece "Chasing Urmahlullu."

"I try to use epic mythology in the process of making music. The reason for using this is: I am a Pisces, and I am very attracted by people of the Leo sign. And Chasing Urmahlullu is me chasing my wife, who is pretty much a lion goddess (to me anyway ahah)."

The cover art for the EP does not include a liontaur, alas; just an octopus on a watery globe. Said San, "The cover was supposed to be a half lion, but as the EP was more liquid sounding, and since I am from the Ocean Pacific, I thought about designing something closer to my roots."

Many thanks to San for getting back to me, and by all means, go download this great new EP. Here's the album cover, alas, sans urmahlullus!

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