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Five Painted Wemic-like Lamia Miniatures

I've written before about the mythological origins of the lamia, and especially how certain antique representations of the creature led the creators of D&D to envision a version of the lamia as a wemic-like liontaur. Please do go check out that old screed. Meanwhile, gamers have been adding lamia miniatures to their collections. Here are five good ones I found online.

lamia miniature

This lamia mini isn't made of traditional metal -- it is a 3D printed mini. Created by mz4250, found on the Thingiverse site.

lamia miniature

The lamia above is from the Rise of Runelords #42 Pathfinder Battles D&D set. It is 42nd in a set of 65. The photo is from, which scraped it from eBay, I think. Odds are that link will die soon, I'm forecasting.

lamia miniature

This "old school D&D" lamia was sculpted for (the now defunct) Center Stage Miniatures by sculptor Patrick Keith. I think "old-school" is here a reference to the boobies. His blog page shows how he created her -- definitely please do check it out! He and Vicky Morgan-Keith did a wonderful job on the painting.

lamia miniature

This lamia is a "Lamia Harridan" mini from the Wizkids/Neca/Paizo Pathfinder Battles - Rise of the Runelords set. Only 65 were issued; this is number 62 of 65, evidently. The photo here is from the WorthPoint online mini store.

lamia miniature
According to this Reddit post, the lovely snow-leopard lamia ranger pictured above was hand-made by melding two minis together. Credit: heyhay13.

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