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Wemics Variants in 2E D&D

I first encountered wemics as Second Edition D&D creatures, and from the start I tinkered with the rules. Here are some of my tinkerings.

2E Wemic Priests
Wemics were often described as superstitious. I thought to myself, in a fantasy world, who is to say that superstitious folk are not more sensible than the skeptical ones? If wemics are superstitious, maybe they know something others don't. So I created these 2E Wemic Priests as a way to explore the idea.

2E Wemic Bards
Wemics are pre-literate folk using stone-age technology. I loved the idea of bards as the historians, record-keepers, and scholars of a people with no tradition of writing. These ideas led to my 2E Wemic Bards.

2E Wemic Fighters
And the power gamer in me saw the clear advantages a Large character has in combat. This led to my thoughts on 2E Wemics in Battle.

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