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Wemics Variants in 3E D&D

I'm a strong Third Edition advocate. Wizards of the Coast did a fine job of retaining the flavor and feel of traditional Dungeons and Dragons while making the game a lot better. One of the best improvements was the way the game was standardized. Now there is a standard for resolution (the d20 system), and there are standard mechanisms for describing creatures -- whether they are monsters or characters, the same mechanisms describe them all. This makes it a lot easier to play a "monster" as a character.

But before we start to customize wemics as characters, we must first have a wemic with which we are happy. The wemic in Monsters of Faerun is not up to the job (see this review for why I think so). So here is Cayzle's 3E Wemic.

When you are ready to play a wemic, there are at least three paths you can pursue:

  • The Dungeon Master's Guide has concrete rules for playing monsters as characters. The problem with these rules is that you start off at a relatively high character level. Here is my Application of the Official Guidelines for Playing a 3E Monster Wemic.
  • Or you can follow the 2E model, create a wemic that has only one hit dice, not five, and start as a level one character with a few extra bonus hit points. Here is one such set of rules developed for 3.5E/Pathfinder Wemics in the Wold Campaign. But I recommend that you consider my own proposal for 2E-Style Wemics in a 3E Game. I played an active role in developing both sets of rules, as you can see if you check them out.
  • Another good option is to play a young wemic who grows up (and eventually gains an adult's hit dice) as you play the game. And as you age (i.e., gain monster levels), you not only gain character levels, but you can also multiclass and gain class levels. I Was a Teen-Age Wemic (in 3E).
  • For people playing Pathfinder, here are some Alternate Racial Traits you can use with your liontaur.
  • Finally, I've put a few scattered thoughts on how to customize class rules for wemics in Class Options for 3E Wemics.

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