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Wemics in Kingdoms and Honor

What is Kingdoms and Honor?
K&H is a fantasy world that was originally created for a role play game by the same name. Alas, nothing much ever came of it, despite great efforts from several creative people. One continent created for that world was meant as home to a large number of wemics. Kingdoms and Honor was intended as an exclusive Internet-based fantasy role play game for people devoted to a high level of quality and to good writing.

Wemics in Kalerre
Wemics play a big role in K&H, and they are central to one of the major lands, Kalerre. Here is the common knowledge about Wemics that is known throughout the Kingdoms and especially in the Land of Kalerre:

There is also a lot of information about wemics that is unknown to most humans in Kalerre (Warning: Spoilers!):

For more info on Wemics in general, check out my Introduction to Wemics and my Essay on Wemic Society and Culture.

Humans in Kalerre
This information, not commonly known to all characters, focuses on humans in the Land of Kalerre, who have populated the continent in two waves.

Playtest Page for K&H
At one time I ran a playtest of a Kingdoms and Honors game system. Information on that (including an incomplete version of the rules) can be found at the K&H Playtest Page.

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