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Wemic names in Kalerre

Wemics believe that their names reflect their individuality, so no two Wemic names are ever identical. Their names do not have any meaning per se; they are not words in the Wemic language. However, Wemic names follow specific rules.

  • Only these consonant sounds are allowed:
    • ch/k
    • f
    • fr/rf
    • h
    • t/j
    • l/ll
    • m
    • n
    • r
    • s
    • th
    • v
    • w
    • wh/hw
    • z
  • Only these vowel sounds are allowed:
    • au like awe
    • ow like power
    • e like eel
    • eo like we old maids
    • i like ice
    • o like mold
    • a like major
    • y like yes or end
    • like [sharp pause]
  • As a general rule, consonant sounds alternate with vowel sounds.

Here are a number of sample Wemic names:

nijeo tomerj eojal nonowla
fraweol vythao fawynth vauwerf
ferfi eowyf aweth liram
aeli onyow ialo zarf
thil frahir soreorf foleel
vilo hoch vihawe towchoth
raf lyw owyth eafa
fowhy hehyf sythi mifert
seovyo rina zifeo eotal
owos eason atheo wechin
siheow mylo hywa ayow
sowsal mozeoo h'von howjath

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