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Human Mages in Kalerre

There are generally just two varieties of human mages in Kalerre. It is said that the cannibals use Dark Magic, but even less is known about that.

Neutral Magic

The Lord High Captain employs several Neutral Mages in Cove. Neutral Magic depends on learning spells as formulae and procedures -- if a Neutral Mage wants to become a mage and, later in life, learn new spells, it might be wise to stay on good terms with the Cove masters, who are said to have a library of magical formulae.

Neutral Magic is treated as per the standard rules, given here.

Force Magic

The mage at Freetown is a Force Mage, as are his apprentices. Force magic relies on personal will and improvisations. All inexperienced Freetown mages have agreed to protect Freetown as a condition of apprenticeship -- unless some other arrangement has be made.

Improvised Force Magic -- the weakest kind of magic -- is treated as per the standard rules, given here. Gathered Force Magic requires the mage to pay a price; that price in Kalerre is personal sacrifice and great pain.

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