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Wemic Morality in Kalerre

Unlike Humans, Wemics do not murder each other; they don't steal, rape, or torture; they do not fear harm at the hands of their own kind. And more than do Humans, Wemics help each other and look out for those in need. This makes Wemic cultures different from Human cultures in a few remarkable ways.

Good Wemic! Nice Wemic!

Inborn Inclinations
Wemics are naturally pure and morally advanced. It is appropriate to think of Wemic moral advancement over time as analogous to Human technological advancement. Wemics have made very fast moral progress and very slow technologic progress, while Humans have made very fast technologic progress and very slow moral progress.

The central issue: Wemics (to generalize about the race) understand moral issues and see solutions to them as readily as humans understand tech issues and see solutions to them. This is reflected in the moral advance of Wemic culture -- aside from a few throwback misfits, there is no crime in mainstream Wemic cultures -- in fact, NPC Wemics are often known for their generosity, patience, tolerance, etc.

Wemic Behaviors
Wemics are not angels or saints. They are really very much like Humans, except without the jerks and the criminals! They delight in contests and conflict, like wrestling, racing, and athletic contests; they play tricks, tease their siblings, and get in trouble; they experince the same emotions that Humans do, including "negative ones" like hatred, anger, jealousy, envy, and covetousness -- they just don't act on them badly, the way Humans might.

Wemics care about each other, so they treat their own kind well. Although not all Wemics have reached the highest levels, here are the hallmarks of Wemic moral advancement:

  • Wemics don't intentionally hurt each other.
  • They try to help each other.
  • They encourage others to behave as they do.
  • Wemics sacrifice themselves for the good of all Wemics.
  • And they do the same for Humans.

This continuum spans a range of enlightenment, from the individual to the other to the group -- and eventually, to all living things and especially to humans. This begins to lead enlightened Wemics towards universal questions: Why do we exist? What is our purpose in life? What is our destiny?.

Sometimes it is impossible to follow the precepts listed above. Sometimes there is no avoiding hurt: A Wemic general does not like to order soldiers to their probable deaths, but sometimes the alternative is worse. And sometimes it's bad to help: children must learn some measure of defense, discipline, and self-reliance, for example. These are shades of grey -- and themes exploring such greys are frequently featured in Wemic drama and art -- but in general Wemics intuitively know the right course of action, more so than Humans would.

Two Human refugees find a huge pile of solid gold coins -- they figure out a clever way to carry the coins easily, but they kill each other over the gold. Two Wemics in the same situation would have no problem sharing, but they might have a very hard time improvising a tech-savvy carrying solution!

Abnormal Wemics

A Wemic character who behaved like a typical human "adventurer" -- greedy, self-centered, violent, rude -- would be looked at by other Wemics as corrupt and disturbed.

Wemics can be serious or flighty, smart or dumb, quick or slow. But they are not evil. Some are less giving than others, though. For example, hunter Wemics, who live in the mountains, live in harsher conditions than the herder Wemics of the Kingdom of Kalerre, and they tend to be pride-oriented, doing whatever they must to survive. These "wild" Wemics are considered by herders to be barbarians, although they are greeted with friendship when herders meet them.

On the other hand, some Wemics are exceptionally altruistic, kind, and giving -- these Wemics are pure in their love of the divine Fire and wise in the ways of Life, and they are among the Blessed.

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