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"Come two noble beasts in, a man and a lion."
-- Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Act V, scene I

Hi! I'm Cayzle.

Welcome to my Wemic site. Wemics are really neat creatures that are half Human and half Lion -- sometimes they are called Liontaurs. On my site you can find:

  • Tons of information on Wemics in general.
  • Detailed original rules on Wemics in role play games, with example characters.
  • Annotated links to every page on the Web with significant Wemic content -- and links to most of the insignificant content, too!
And it's all my own original work -- there's a lot to digest, so feel free to stay and browse a while. The links above in the navigation bar will guide you.

New on the Site

November 11, 2004: Updated the guestbooks, eliminated a bad Web ring link.

Other changes are documented on my What's New Page.

Feedback? Comments? Questions? e-mail me: Cayzle

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(For a more accurate count, add in about 500 hits lost when Yahoo's counter system burped in October/November 2000.)

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