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Old Screeds

The Violet [12 July 05] That ate my blog!

Wow! This is my first screed this month, and it's July 12! What could have prevented me from posting, diligent blogger that I aim to be? I consulted my crystal ball and all I could see was the color violet. Huh! What could that mean?

Maybe I was poisoned by Violet Fungi?

Maybe I was hemmed in by a Violet Wall of Fire?

Maybe I was trapped under a massive Violet 30-Sided Die and had to saw my own arm off, like that hiker fellow?

Maybe I was swallowed in the gullet of a Purple Worm?

Maybe I was too busy shopping for a pale lavender or a vibrant purple Ioun Stone?

Maybe I was confined in a strange low-magic alien realm known as The Violet?

Or maybe, just maybe, I was entranced and enthralled by a beautiful princess named Violet?

I guess I'll never know.


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