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Old Screeds

She's Got Legs! [6 May 2009] And other taur topics.

When I saw this, I just had to link to it. Granted, minotaurs are only kissing cousins to liontaurs, but for the sake of taur solidarity, take a look at this. Please do watch all the way through; the best part is at the end.

That's from artist Kim Graham, who is also working on a huge mermaid statue.

And since we're on the topic of two-legged taurs and costumes, here are two more YouTube links, to a lionish tail and a lionish nose. If you're a LARPer, be inspired!

If anyone is interested in playing a wemic under the Fourth Edition Rules of Dungeons and Dragons (not me!), here is one message board thread and here is another with some ideas.

And I've found a few interesting art links recently. Check them out!

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