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Sphinx with Arms on an Ancient Assyrian Cylinder Seal

Here's a replica of a cylinder seal impression, sold as a paperweight at the gift shop of The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

Well, it was on sale there in the summer of 2017, but I do not see it at the online store now, in February 2018. Here's the actual listing as it appeared on the online store:

You can call it a "human-headed lion" or a "sphinx with arms" but what we are dealing with here is plainly an Assyrian urmahlullu.

I also found this reference to the same seal on a "Tell Asmar cylinder seals" post at the "Bharatkalyan97 A homage to Hindu civilization" website.

Here's a closer look at our lovely urmahlullu, cropped from this photo of the actual seal and an impression, which I found on this page.

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