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Old Screeds

Centaurs Gatherum and Other Zines

I found a trove of old paper zines featuring furry stories and art from the late 20th Century: Furry Times.

One of the zines had the faux-Latin name "Centaurs Gatherum." Here are links to two full issues in PDF format:

And feast your eyes on the cover of Issue #8:

Centaurs Gatherum Issue #8

That's an image from an ebay posting. Here's another link to the same cover, at the Poop Sheet Foundation. Remarkably, check out the signature on this artwork:

Phil Foglio signature

That's the signature of the amazing Phil Foglio, known to me mostly from his comic in Dragon Magazine (loved it when I was a kid) and the fantastic Girl Genius webcomic. What a treat to see his signature here on a piece of liontaur art!

The Centaurs Gatherum zine was edited for years by well-known mathematician Ed Pegg Jr. ... and I found his email address at his website, Here's Ed Pegg at the Numericana Hall of Fame. I emailed him, and I heard back from him:

Dave Alway did the first few issues of Centaur's Gatherum and stopped. He died about 25 years ago. I think in 1985 Dave asked if I'd like to take it over, and I did a lot of issues. I don't have any of the issues. Too many moves, and I had the tendency to sell what I had. I think Victor Wren at has the masters. There were liontaurs in CG, and I saw the wemics when they came out in one of the monster manuals.
Ed tells me he's writing a novel with a taur character.

For more zine goodness, check out Centaurs Gatherum eBay listings.

(Here are two back-up links in case the original links above go bad: Centaurs Gatherum Issue #25 and Centaurs Gatherum Issue #30.)

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