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Old Screeds

Artificial Intelligence Is Leveling Up Fast

A year ago today, 30 March 2023, I made a post about using AI to draw a liontaur. It has been a year, and the state of the art has advanced. A lot! I've been using Gemini and Bing's portal to Dall-E, and I signed up for Night Cafe, a new AI image generator. Results are much better, a year on.

But it takes a lot of attempts and trials to get something decent. So let me show you some of the abominations that were necessary precursers in my wemic quest. These are from Night Cafe.

And no surprise, it is a lot easier to get good wemic results if you are only shooting from the waist up. These two are from Dall-E:

But I have had the best full-body results with Night Cafe, because I was able to feed it a slew of wemic images and "train" a model on them. Here are the better ones, with the best toward the bottom of the page. Now, best is a relative term. The faces are mostly horrific. The first one has five legs. The second has legs that are deformed/missing. But the last one is almost actually good; the tail is a smidge wonky. The eyes are funkadelic. But overall ... such a huge improvement since last year. We'll see what another year brings in March 2025!

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