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Sex by the book [18 April 05] Sex in D&D, part six.

My intention for today's screed was to review Gwen Kestrel's Book of Erotic Fantasy. But I just could not get my hands on one in time! Even the Compleat Strategist won't have one in stock until tomorrow. So my review will have to wait for next Monday.

Until then, let me tantalize you with some links to rules about sex, and to people talking about those rules.

The Book of Erotic Fantasy stands out not only because of the reknown of the co-author, game designer Gwen Kestrel, but also because Wizards of the Coast revised its d20 license specifically to exclude it. Adding an air of mystery, the Web site of the publisher, the Valar Project is down for renovations. But you can still buy the book at Amazon.

But all that has not stopped people from talking about the book: Here's a positive review in Gamegrene, another positive review on RPGnet, and a slightly more negative review at Grimwell. And here is an essay, prompted by the book, titled Sex, Prejudice, D&D, and Gamer-Bashing

Researching this series, I also stumbled upon a few other games or rules for handling sex in RPGs.

In a similar vein to the Book of Erotic Fantasy, there is Naughty & Dice: An Adult Gamer's Guide to Sexual Situations. Here is a link to buy the work on Amazon. Also take a look at the Publisher's page for the book, as well as at this Publisher's preview.

Blue Rose is a d20 take on the romantic fantasy genre exemplified in books such as those by Mercedes Lackey and Diane Duane. It was recently reviewed.

Matchmaker is an indie game that looks fun, in a free-form, rules-light, interactive storytelling kind of way. One player is Cupid, two players are Lovers, and one player is Everyone Else. Hilarity ensues.

The The Complete Guide To Unlawful Carnal Knowledge For Fantasy Role-Playing Games is a netbook that is sometimes amusing, often annoying, and certainly not recommended for actual use! Too goofy and juvenile to take seriously.

This is the sixth part of a seven part series on sex in role-play games:

Edit [23 May 05] Turns out "next Monday" meant "next month"! Sorry!

Edit [12 July 05] I'm drawing out my review, chapter by chapter. I'll revise the links above as I do so.

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