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to the Kingdoms and Honor Playtest

Note: Once upon a time, the world of Kingdoms and Honor was home to a role-play game by the same name. Not much ever came of it, but I have preserved the info below in case anyone is interested. Enjoy!

Thank you for checking us out. Maybe you've played in Internet role play games that lasted a month and then died. Or maybe players kept popping in and out of your game. Maybe the other players wrote only short, unimaginative, error-ridden messages -- and those only once in a blue moon. K&H seeks to answer these problems by offering a haven for gamers who want long-term play that fosters frequent posts and the highest levels of quality gaming.

Why Kingdoms and Honor?
K&H is designed from the ground up as a role play game for Internet users. The game is turn-based (not chat-based), and players write orders, ask questions and offer feedback through a K&H message board system. You can write your turn between classes, on your lunch break, or after dinner, at your convenience. In chat and face-to-face games, you have to respond fast; with K&H, you have the luxury of enough time to write well and in character.

So why Kingdoms and Honor? Because you are a creative gamer, you write well, and you are committed to posting substantive turns at least five times a week -- and because you want to join a community of people like you!

How to get started playing K&H
It's not easy to start playing in Kingdoms and Honor. It takes a lot of work, and you will be judged by the creators of the game. If you are not willing to put in the effort, or if you are just not talented enough, you won't be invited to join.

We don't mean to sound elitist, but we intentionally set the barrier to entry high in an effort to weed out people who are not committed to our standards and quality. If you want to play, here's what you have to do:

  • Read the rules (below).
  • Read over the info on Kalerre (links at top of page). Other Lands will soon open up for gaming, but for the playtest, only the Land of Kalerre will be available.
  • Think of possible ideas for characters.
  • Contact Cayzle to talk about your character ideas. (
  • Decide whether you want to play your character alone or with other player characters. If with others, with player characters your character has known for years or with newly-met strangers?
  • Create a character concept.

The Kingdoms and Honor rule system
Most RPGs are designed for face-to-face play. A simple combat may require twenty or more dice rolls, not to mention visual aids and miniatures. When you try to adapt such games to Internet play, the grueling mechanics can really bog the game down.

Moreover, these games are often designed for "dungeon-crawling" rather than story development.

We put simple mechanics into K&H, preventing game delay for dice rolling. We built the game to encourage good writing, fulfilling the potential of turn-based gaming for better role play. The rules and mechanics we created are linked below.

We need playtesters to give us feedback on these rules. Please point out typos, grammatical errors, logic flaws, structure flaws, bad links, and anything else you find of note. Let us know what you like. And most of all, let us know when you get lost, what you don't understand, and how we can make these rules easier to learn.

First proposal for a K&H rule system (a work in progress)

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