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Fraweol and the Blue Tavern Inn

Hi! I'm Cayzle, and once upon a time I joined the Blue Tavern Inn Dungeons and Dragons Campaign as a player. That was back on June 29, 1999. Seven days later I founded this site, which was originally half generic Wemic content and half Blue Tavern Inn content.

The Blue Tavern Inn D&D Campaign was based out of a Yahoo Club. The game ran over 14 months and ended September 8, 2000. The game ended because the DM's real life got busy -- he got engaged! If you want to see what it's like to run a Dungeons and Dragons game on a message board, the site is still up.
Here's the Blue Tavern Inn.

My character, a Wemic named Fraweol, was a fighter/priest made with my own variant rules.
Here's my character sheet for Fraweol.

The steadiest members of the Blue Tavern Inn adventuring party included a dragonrider, a princess mage, and Fraweol. Other characters popped in and out.
Here's more info on the Blue Tavern Inn Adventurers and Quest.

The GM for the Blue Tavern Inn Campaign was Sephiroth's Blade, who in real life is James "Raven" Malone, and he gave the players a few House rules he used with the game.
Here are those House Rules.

The GM also gave details on the gods of his world.
Here are the Gods of the Blue Tavern Inn Campaign.

The game's world is called Naztuil, and the ruler of the gods is Sephiroth.
The story of how Sephiroth came to Naztuil, bringing with him all the lesser deities, is told in this Mythology.

The campaign included variant rules for Chaos Lords, who are creatures that have become imbued with and transformed by the essence of Chaos. Well, actually, we never met a Chaos Lord, but the rules were all set for one!
The rules for these creatures and how characters can become Chaos Lords can be found in this Chaos Lords Page.

Sephiroth's Blade has his own Web site, called the Dark Angel Keep, which is also about the Blue Tavern world. There's lots of great info there.
Here is his Dark Angel Keep Web site.

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