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Fun Links [9 October 07] Good clicking for you and you and you.

Suddenly there are a ton of great pages to show you! D&D links, wemic links, webcomic links, and more. Let's jump right in.

Everybody (Everybody!) on the interwebs should be enjoying Homestar Runner. For the uninitiated, this is a collection of Flash-animated cartoon shorts starring a recurring cast of zany characters. One of them, Strong Bad, answers reader e-mail. Well, this week's Strong Bad E-Mail is about webcomics! And it is really really funny. Enjoy it here. At the end of the toon, there is a hidden easter egg (click on "COMIC!" or go here) that lets you build your own sprite-based comic. Here's one I made:

So go make your own darn webcomic!

But before you do that, go Celebrate 30 Years Of Very Stupid Monsters. Jared von Hindman takes a humorous look at some of the goofier and dumber monsters that have found themselves tossed up on D&D's shores ... and some are very goofy and dumb indeed!

Speaking of webcomics, here's one about a pair of (non-lion) taurs: The Accidental Centaurs. Cute & Funny!

Here's a webcomic based on photos of stuffed animals, so it more than qualifies as interesting despite the lack of D&D and wemic references. Enjoy The Tales of the Plush Cthulhu. Even Cuter & Funnier!

I recently updated all my many wemic links -- and part of that job includes weeding out the dead links, restoring the ones that can be fixed, putting them on probation if they recently went dead, or deleting them entirely after a while. I also try to add new links, of course. Here are a few notable ones:

  • I love the fierceness (the paws, mane, and tail especially) of this Liontaur by *kiminess. Also note that the human parts are not beastial or furry, thank you!
  • This Catwoman by Kitty41554 is less feral, but more finely realized. I love the expression on her (non-beastial) face. And the cat-face pattern on her blouse makes this a sort of visual pun.
  • -- An unusual (to say the least) site for gay men who fantasize about partners with extra limbs. Not exactly what you would call safe for work!

While I was prowling the net for wemic stuff, I found some art in an incomplete state. I wrote to the artist, V Shane, and well, I'll let him tell the story!

I got a great shout out and link on my recent map-making screed from Martin Ralya of Treasure Tables. Note the comment from John Arcadian: "I just popped over and looked at Cazyles mapping idea. I am now picking my jaw up off the floor." Ah, sweet incense to this Chu-Bu are words such as these!

And even better, in the same post, Martin has turned me on to The Chatty DM, a newish and very welcome blog.

Update [15 Oct 07] I would be remiss if I neglected to add this link, sent to me by my brother, who said, "This is the cheesiest (and perhaps funniest) video I have ever seen on YouTube, and I thought of you immediately when I saw it." Thanks, Chris! :-)

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