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Old Screeds

"Dream A Little Dream Of Me!"

A rendering of iconic Cayzle as a wemic. This is not in any way, shape, or form how I imagine myself!

Let me preface this by saying that when I launched my wemic site 20 years ago, I was not a special fan of wemics. But I wanted to make a D&D website. I thought about making a website that would provide info and links for a specific D&D fantasy race. But I also wanted to do something unique. I thought about an elf site or a dwarf site, but I said to myself, "I bet there are tons of those. What could I do that no one else has done on the Internet?"

[Ironic side note: There were no dwarf or elf sites as I had envisioned them!]

So I launched my wemic site.

Now, even with that, I have never been an extremist. I put links to wemic larping and wemic cosplay in my links section, but I have never even been tempted by that side of the hobby. I'm an introvert, not an actor. Plus, well, ew.

So I have never identified personally as a wemic. That would be silly. I am not the characters I play in games. What I'm trying to say is, sure, I love wemics. I'm a fan. But I'm not crazy! I'm not a wemic!

Well, having said all that, I have a funny thing to relate. Christmas night I had a unique dream. I dreamed I was a wemic. I was with another wemic, looking for something in the woods. But there was a forest fire, and we had to flee. I remember looking behind me, and seeing my lion hindquarters.

Okay, so that's a sentence I never thought I would type!

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