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About Cat's Grace: This Web comic began January 1, 2007. The title character is Grace, a liontaur adventurer. A lot of the humor of the strip (the so-called humor, I should say) comes from references to the rules for Dungeons and Dragons, a role-play game. Grace is a D&D character, or, perhaps, lives in a universe in which the D&D rules replace the natural laws on which we depend here on planet Earth. If you know D&D, you'll probably get more chuckles per comic than the uninitiated.

About Cayzle's Wemic Site: The best darn wemic site on the Web has been dishing wemic and game content since 1999. It features a blog, info on wemics, annotated links, and, now, a Web comic. Yes, it has always had this light purple theme, and no, it isn't pink.

About Cayzle: Cayzle is a 40-something gamer who cut his eyeteeth on basic D&D back in high school and hasn't stopped since. He has no time for face-to-face RPGing any more, but he gets his gaming fix in a play-by-post setting called the Wold. By day a mild-mannered editor for a great metropolitan magazine, when darkness falls Cayzle transforms into a mild-mannered husband, father, and homeowner. Oh, and no, "Cayzle" is not a girl's name.

Colophon: Cat's Grace is made with diverse toys, found-around-the-house props, digital cameras, Photoshop Elements, Comic Life, a MacBook, and too much hand-coded HTML. Thanks to Chris Doyle and his Mini-Mizer for use in making NPCs.

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