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Links (to my favorite gaming Web comics, in no particular order, mostly about gaming, felines, or (best of all) gaming and felines.)

OotS -- The Order of the Stick is the major inspiration for Cat's Grace. It features a party of adventurers who also live in a world in which D&D rules take the place of natural laws. It is LOL funny, smart, engaging, and highly recommended.

Lackadaisy by Tracy J. Butler -- A beautifully drawn comic about the Prohibition -- with anthropomorphic cats as characters!

Fuzzy Knights -- A photo RPG comic featuring stuffed animals, just like Cat's Grace! In this case, the plushies sit around playing games. Kind of a "Full Frontal Nerdity" to my "Nodwick," if I may be so bold. Very funny.

Ledgermain -- The funny tales of a group of D&D adventurers, with a "catkin" sorcerer PC as an added bonus.

The Party Times at Badly Drawn Kitties -- A party of feline humanoids in a fantasy world. Includes several D&D references. Funny!

Exodus by Pepper -- In a dramatic sci-fi setting, a group of furries, including several felines, struggle to win their "human" rights. Based on an active campaign of RPG gamers.

Nodwick -- Nodwick is the henchman for a D&D-inspired adventuring group. The much-put-upon bearer often gets killed, but the cleric of the group always duct tapes him back together.

Two Kinds -- This is more a continuing dramatic fantasy graphic story than a fantasy RPG comic, but it stars a anthropomorphic feline and does a great job of showing how such a character would think and act (as opposed to the human-in-a-cat-suit personality that is more common), so I highly recommend it.

Closet Gamers -- a funny look at the adventures of characters in D&D and other games. Alas, now on a "sort of hiatus," but I hope it comes back soon.

DnDorks -- Web comic about a group of adventurers and the players controlling them. Swaps back and forth between player and PC viewpoints.

Commissioned -- A Web comic about a freelance artist who (among other activities) runs D&D game. It often features the player characters of that game, who include a weretiger PC. Swaps back and forth between player and PC viewpoints.

Full Frontal Nerdity -- By the talented guy who does Nodwick, but while Nodwick is pretty much exclusively from the point of view of the characters, FFN is pretty much exclusively from the point of view of a group of gamers.

Dork Tower -- Another comic from the viewpoint of geeky gamers and their talking muskrat friend.

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Cat's Grace

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