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Seeing as Cat's Grace is the story of an actual Dungeons and Dragons game (unlike OotS, which we are told is a tale set in a world that just happens to use the rules of D&D as the Laws of Nature), the best way to look at the cast is the way you would look at characters in a game. To wit:

The Player Characters

Grace Grace is the hero and title character. She is a liontaur bard/cleric -- though somewhat small for a liontaur, she speaks with a typical racial accent. She escaped from a life of slavery and now looks forward to making it as an adventurer. Grace worships Nuncle Moon. One of her domains is Luck.

Grace uses a longspear (to better leverage her Combat Reflexes feat) and keeps two shortspears for throwing. Her bard cantrips known include Prestidigitation but not Light. Her Perform ranks are in Perform (Limerick).
Hope Hope is a half-elf paladin -- noble, kind, pretty, but not too bright. Privately, she longs to seek out new places as an explorer. Her brother is Ray, a druid.

Hope uses a falchion because someday she hopes to become a crit monster.
Mark Mark is a good looking (for a half-orc) sorcerer. His memory is often bad. Since he does not remember things very well, he has learned to bluff when questioned. Mark finds that lying through his teeth often gets the job done, and if not, insulting someone tends to make them forget you didn't know the answer in the first place.

Mark can cast Ghost Sound, Minor Image, and Color Spray. He has Sleep too, but has not used it yet. He is entitled to a familiar, but he has not remembered to summon it yet.
Ray Ray is Hope's brother -- you can see it in their eyes. He is a half-elf druid with an extraordinary fondness for fire. He also loves a bargain -- such as the one he got for his second-hand masterwork leather armor.

He's taken a non-core feat that lets him specialize in fire and heat spells, with the side effect that he casts other spells less effectively. He does not use weapons, prefering to Produce Flame; he can't wait to cast Flame Blade!

Non-Player Characters, Companions, and Hangers-On

Prester Prester is a glowing ball of colored light and Grace's oldest friend. She "calls" him with a Prestidigitation cantrip ... but is he the World's Least Planar Ally (think, dim Lantern Archon with no powers or attacks at all), or is he just an imaginary pal made of a ball of light and some tinkling sounds? His color changes, so far as Grace can figure, pretty much randomly. His ethereal voice amuses children, since they don't understand the Celestial tongue in which he berates Grace ... or is it that his voice consists of random sounds that have meaning only in Grace's head?
Timmy Timmy is Ray's animal companion. He is more loyal than Ray deserves, a good tracker, and smart, for a riding dog. Ray tied a red bandana on Timmy to make him look more "fiery," but that mostly serves to remind Ray that some day he wants a small fire elemental as a companion. Timmy only slightly resents this.
Gustav Gustav is an NPC expert, of the Peeple race, who disagrees with the violent methods employed by his fellow Peeple in their "class" struggle to un-nerf the Adept, Warrior, Expert, etc. As an NPC, he pretty much stays in the background -- except when used to give the party a hint or clue. Or, rarely, to speak directly to the readership.
Betsy Betsy is Gustav's pony, and she allows him to keep up with the group, seeing as Peeple have a move of just 20. She lives in fear of the day a mage hits the party with a fireball -- a very reasonable fear given her low hit points and poor saves.

Mysterious Strangers, Villains, and Others

Slave-Pit Guard This is a slave-pit guard, a beastial intelligent lobstrosity, one of two that pursued Grace when she escaped from the pits prior to becoming an adventurer. They are not good at jumping.
Eastern Bunny The Eastern Bunny is the leader of the revolutionary Peeple's Army. He seeks the armed overthrow of the ruling PC classes. Their cause is equality and balance among all classes -- PC and NPC. Their means, however, is violent -- kidnapping and forcible retraining to make heros take NPC classes. Ray was once taken by them, but he was rescued by Grace & Co.
Mysterious Stranger This Unknown Fellow is someone the party met in a tavern one night. He told them about the House of Eyes and Flowers, leading to Grace's first real dungeon crawl. His name, motive, and history remain a mystery.
Dr. O The party has not met him, but the reader encounters Dr. O in a lab filled with wonderful things. He is evidently in charge of security at the House of Eyes and Flowers, among other interests. He detected the party entering the House through the back door and sent a violet blue monster to harass the intruders.
BoingBoing Boing Boing is Igor to Dr. O's Frankenstein. Huge, ungainly, and a little obtuse, Boing Boing is a powerful force that cannot be ignored.

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