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My favorite retired wemic character is a liontaur named Vauhwyt. I played her in the Wold from level 1 through level 20, from 18 November 2002 to 24 July 2013. She was a sorcerer, rogue, and Grim, primarily, in service to the god of death. For most of her career, she also sought vengeance as an Avenger, but revenge was bitter to her in the end, and she abandoned it, becoming an Arcane Trickster. Here are some of her character sheets:

The Wold uses custom rules for wemics as player characters. Here are the Woldian Games rules for All Taur Characters, and the Rules for Liontaurs, as used by Vauhwyt back in the day, but now revised.

Here is some public and common knowledge about Vauhwyt. Here is an early description and history for Vauhwyt at the time she adventured in Dirt City, in the beginning of her career.

Vauhwyt started her career in Dirt City and most of her early adventures take place near there. Dirt City is a curious place -- part above ground, part underground, it is a city run by several Houses of Thieves. Here is a detailed list of the People and Places in Dirt City that Vauhwyt knew back in the day.

Here are some stories about Vauhwyt and her adventures, the first four as told by her familiar, a talking raven named Mookie.

After she left Dirt City, Vauhwyt had a long career as a member of the Blackbird Lake Gang. Here is a summary of her later adventures, as well as speeches given at the BBL retirement party.

Late in her career, Vauhwyt adopted five harpie chicks. Here is the story of one of them, named Bliss, who had adventures too, after Vauhwyt retired.

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